Local News

  1. Dust devil tears through Kansas City baseball field

    'It's coming to get you.'

  2. Minnesota Twins allows pitcher to leave game early, become official US citizen

    The Minnesota Twins surprised fans by bringing Fernando Rodney out to pitch in the fifth inning, but he had a great reason for showing up so early in the game.

  3. Record 10 homers as AL wins All-Star Game 8-6 in 10 innings

    The American League has won 18 of the last 21 All-Star Games played to a decision, taking a 44-43 lead in the series, with two ties.

  4. More rain moves our way Wednesday

    Highs Friday through the weekend will be in the mid 90s. Take breaks from the heat. Hydrate. Check the back seat.


  5. Maine man's shell museum honors his father's collection

    "I'm pretty proud of it, yeah. He would be amazed."

  6. Daycare owner gets new van thanks to anonymous donation

    Just days after her van was stolen, Dorothy Delemes is getting a new one thanks to the generosity of others.

  7. San Francisco bans tour buses from 'Full House' residence

    The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency is banning tour buses near a house made famous by the popular 1990s sitcom "Full House."

  8. Eco carpenters donate bed, prize money to Syrian refugee family

    When it comes to carpentry, these three students are a cut above.

  9. US expects first group of remains to be returned July 27 from North Korea

    U.S. officials have previously said it could take years to identify all the remains and to determine whether they are, in fact, Americans.

  10. Road rage incident caught on camera, Ormond Beach police say

    It appears two men were hit by a car, but police are saying those two were the aggressors in the incident.

  11. Louisiana teen training to be first person on Mars

    Louisiana teen training to be first person on Mars

  12. 36 car thefts and break-ins reported in Lakeview, Lakefront in last 28 days

    Stolen cars and vehicle break-ins are on the rise in one New Orleans neighborhood, and the most recent one was caught on camera.

  13. Drugs, cash, prescriptions seized in Mississippi bust

    Officials make bust while serving child support warrant

  14. Tuesday Night: More Heavy Rain Potential

    Get ready. Hot weather forecast Friday through the weekend. Highs will be in the mid 90s with a 20% rain chance.


  15. Man, 24, issued summons after calling 911 to check on warrants, Thibodaux police say

    Officials said the incident should be a reminder to people about when to call 911.